Wheel Alignment

2tyresWheel alignment is one of those items most of us only get checked and adjusted when our tyres are worn out and we are having new tyres fitted.

The question that should be asked is why do you need your wheels aligning? The answer to this is to reduce tyre wear and improve the rolling resistance of your vehicle, this then has a major effect on the cost of ownership, you will get the most from your tyres and maximise on the fuel efficiency of your car. So if you have hit a pot hole or curb recently or if something has hit you, it is always worth having your wheel alignment checked.

Having looked at many wheel alignment systems we finally decided on a Trakker laser wheel alignment system as we felt this gave us the robustness and reliability we were looking for.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM), more recently we have been asked to look at more cars with TPM fitted to them, the sensors have a battery fitted to them and at around five years the sensor need replacing, this isn't as expensive as you would think and we now have the capability to reprogramme the new sensor to your cars ECU.

Note: On that note with regards to fuel efficiency tyre pressure is also as important as wheel alignment, why not pop in for a chat and we can test your tyre pressure for you as a courtesy check.

Call us on 0121 474 6344 to arrange for us to check and adjust your wheel alignment at £25.00 inc Vat