About Us

Welcome to Rob & Liz’s web site. We have tried to make it as informative as possible and hope you have in some way caught a glimpse of some of the things we are about as a garage. It has been a long journey just to get to this point but one that has equipped us to handle the day to day tasks we have to deal with running the garage at Yardley Wood.

Rob started his career dismantling things at a very early age encouraged by his mum during a particularly challenging day she showed him how the wheels came off one of his toy cars, the family have always seen this as a pivotal point in his bent to learn about motor vehicles and just how the world works. Having purchased a motorbike when he was about eleven and soon learned to strip and reassemble it when it broke down he soon moved onto bigger projects buying his first car when he was sixteen (a mini) and totally rebuilding it learning many of the key skills he has today, whilst also completing his apprenticeship as a light vehicle mechanic at Parkside garage.

The careers changed and moving onto Freight Rover, then to become LDV, he worked his way from press demo mechanic, quality engineer, conformance engineer, methods build manager, project manager and finally logistics manager leaving in 1997 to join Breed Steering Systems as their Jaguar project manager responsible for implementing the S Type steering wheel amongst many modifications to the existing XJ and XK range of products. Rob spent a lot of time travelling around Europe in the two years he worked for Breed and has many fond memories of his trips to Italy. During a trip made with the family some years later, Liz commented on Rob’s Italian driving style and the fact it must be in the genes. After Breed Steering Systems Rob spent eight months at Alloy Wheels International in Kent commuting between the manufacturing factory and the customer (Jaguar) dealing with large budgets and complex commercial negotiations. Moving to Jaguar to project manage the X Type brake system some nine months prior to implementation and leaving five years later after working towards many improvements on the X Type, and XKR brake systems.

Rob has invested much time and money into the area of understanding diagnostics of modern vehicles and he sees training and education as important as acquiring equipment.

In contrast Liz has put up with Robs interest in cars for many years and although has no formal training in the motor industry she spent three years training to become a physio in Manchester in the late eighties which is when Liz and Rob met. The interesting thing about both of our careers is we can see the similarities in communication, assessing, diagnosing, recommending a course of treatments or repairs and evaluating the improvements and changes made. During the time Liz has known Rob she has been converted, and now admits to enjoying driving albeit English style.

Liz and Rob are both Christians, we feel our church family as well as our own family are as much a part of the business and wherever possible people have supported us in many different ways in building and continuing to build this business.